May 29, 2023

20 Health Benefits Of Hydrogen Peroxide

Do you think that hydrogen peroxide is of little use? Have you ever wondered why it is not advertised and why it is intentionally kept practically in oblivion?

Do you think that hydrogen peroxide is of little use? Have you ever wondered why it is not advertised and why it is intentionally kept practically in oblivion? Well then, be surprised. Simply washing your toothbrushes and gargling with hydrogen peroxide will drastically reduce any type of flu. Here are some tips or advice that can help our health a lot:

1. Health Of Teeth And Gums

For the health of your teeth and gums, put the contents of the cap of the hydrogen peroxide bottle in your mouth, swish for 10 minutes and spit. You can do this daily while bathing. In this way, you can heal injured, inflamed and/or ulcerative gums. In addition, your teeth will look whiter without the need for special and expensive kinds of toothpaste, plus you can use cheap hydrogen peroxide instead of very expensive mouthwashes.


2. Makes Toothbrushes Germs Free

To keep toothbrushes free of germs and bacteria, always keep them in a glass of hydrogen peroxide.


3. Germs Cleaner

Clean tables and counters or counters with hydrogen peroxide, both to kill germs and to leave a fresh smell. Simply put some hydrogen peroxide on the cloth, scouring pad or jargon with which you wash the dishes and clean the dishwasher, the counter, the tables, the keys, etc. with it.


4. Kills Bacteria

After rinsing the cutting board, pour in a little hydrogen peroxide to kill salmonella and other bacteria.


5. Eliminates Fungus

To eliminate foot fungus, spray a 50% mixture of peroxide and water on them, especially on the big toes and wait for them to dry.

6. Soaks Any Infection Or Cuts

Soak any infection or cuts in 3% hydrogen peroxide for 5 to 10 minutes several times a day. The husband of Becky Ransey, a doctor with more than 36 years practising medicine, experienced cases of gangrene that did not clear up with any treatment and that healed with continuous peroxide treatment.


7. To Avoid Vaginal Infection

If you use a device for vaginal douche, put two caps of hydrogen peroxide with water to avoid vaginal infections or urine. This can be done twice a week.


8. To Disinfect Bathrooms

Fill a spray bottle with a 50% mixture of peroxide and water to spray the bathrooms and disinfect them without damaging the septic system with other strong disinfectants such as chlorines, ammonia or muriatic acids.


9. Helps In Flu

When you suffer from cold and stuffy nostrils, put your head in a horizontal position and spray a 50% mixture on your nose and throat to kill bacteria. Hold the position for a few minutes and then blow your nose and spit the mixture out.


10. Eliminates Toothache

If you suffer from tooth or toothache and cannot go to the dentist right away, swish a 3% solution for 10 minutes several times a day. The pain will decrease considerably.


11. For Natural Look Of Hair

And of course, if you want a natural look for your hair, spray a 50% solution on damp hair after washing and brush it out. You won’t get the exaggerated blonde from the models that come in the factory dye boxes, but you will get natural highlights if your hair is light brown, bleached, or gray. As you gradually clarify, the change will not be very drastic.


12. Eliminates Boils On the Skin

Pour half a bottle of peroxide into the water when you take a bath to help eliminate fungi and boils on the skin.


13. Cleanses Clothes

You can also add a peroxide cap to laundry in place of bleach. In cases of bloodstains on clothing, pour the peroxide directly on the stain, leave it for a minute, and then rub and rinse with cold water. If necessary, repeat the procedure.


14. Mirror Cleaner

Use it to clean mirrors, as they are impeccable.


15. To End Flu

Gargle with hydrogen peroxide, put drops in the ear and nose to end colds, flu and sinusitis (including polyps), and use it to wash vegetables or to kill bacteria and neutralize their chemicals.


16. Sanitizes Your Kitchen

Sanitize your dishwasher or refrigerator.


17. Plants Friendly

Use it on trees and plants as a natural fungicide, insecticide, and to dry out the weed.

18. Cleanse Your House

Clean your house with hydrogen peroxide when it is invaded by fungi because of the humidity caused by leaks or leaks in the sinks, zinc, or toilets.

19. Safer Than Chlorine

All over the world hydrogen peroxide is used in place of chlorine as a safe and ecologically friendly water purifier by municipal authorities.


20. To Disinfect Pools

Some use H202 in pools and spas.


And so I could go on and on, but you yourself will discover more uses. What is recommended is that no house lacks several bottles of cheap solution that can be used for so many things.

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