May 29, 2023

The Incredible Medicinal Benefits Of Sea-Water

Sea salt contains 84 nutritional elements for human health, which are lost in the process of fine (or table) salt.

The sea is one of the ecosystems that, thanks to its homeostasis capabilities, has managed to survive the human invasion. Their defences, beyond animal or plant diversity, are based on their salinity.

Do you remember that time when, being in the sea enjoying its waves and the warmth of the Sun, you simply entered a little of this liquid in your mouth? The consequences were probably monstrous: stomach problems, dehydration, fever, or headaches.

These events probably produced, consequently, the belief that humans are not fit for the salinity of the sea. And to some extent, this is real.

Seawater has a concentration of 36 grams of salt per litre, while our body has 9 grams per litre. If we were to drink seawater just like that, the concentration of salt in our body would rise so much that the tissues would have to release water so that the concentration of salts would return to 9 grams per litre. That would lead to diarrhea and dehydration. The solution put into practice during the experiment was to take a tablespoon of seawater every twenty minutes, drinking it very slowly to allow the saliva to reduce the salinity of the ingested water.

In fact, sea salt contains 84 nutritional elements for human health, which are lost in the process of fine (or table) salt; among these are sulfur, magnesium and calcium, among others. For this reason, it acts as an alkalizer, which regulates and nourishes the cells of the body; In addition, it is restorative and dentifrice, so it works as a medicinal rinse, laxative, disinfectant and healing for mouth and stomach infections. Finally, calm your appetite.

To take advantage of the benefits of this type of water, experts suggest first to verify that we are not intolerant to sea water, since there are people more likely to suffer havoc when drinking it. Then mix small amounts of the sea water with juices or with fresh water and a few drops of lemon.

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