Fat Stray Cat Gacek Becomes Poland’s Hottest Tourist Attraction on Google

Fat Stray Cat Gacek Becomes Poland’s Hottest Tourist Attraction on Google

If you ever find yourself in the charming northwestern Polish city of Szczecin, near the picturesque German border, prepare to be enchanted by one of its most beloved attractions. Amidst the historical gems like the 14th-century Pomeranian Duke’s Castle and the serene Kasprowicza Park, there’s a true star that steals the spotlight. It’s not a grand structure or a lush garden; it’s a plump and endearing outdoor cat named Gacek.

Gacek, the dapper tuxedo cat, has been a cherished resident of Kaszubska Street in downtown Szczecin for an entire decade. He resides in a cozy wooden home with a plush cushion to keep him snug, lovingly cared for by the friendly owners of a nearby shop. Most days, you’ll find Gacek lounging gracefully on the sidewalk, graciously posing for selfies with delighted tourists.

What’s truly remarkable is that Gacek has earned his own special place on Google Maps, where he boasts a collection of glowing five-star reviews from admirers who’ve journeyed from near and far to meet him. “I flew from Oslo with a layover in Gdańsk just to see Gacek,” one visitor enthused. “As expected, he paid no attention to me, which made the experience truly heartwarming. If I could dine with anyone in the world, I’d fly back in an instant to share a meal with him. I wholeheartedly recommend it!”

Gacek’s unmistakable charm includes his pleasantly plump physique, a testament to the adoration he receives from his devoted fans. While his rotundness is undeniably cute, a local animal shelter in Szczecin kindly asks that tourists refrain from feeding Gacek directly. Instead, they suggest leaving treats securely enclosed in bags or containers for him to enjoy later. This ensures that our beloved Gacek remains happy and healthy for years to come, granting more people the opportunity to meet the “King of Kaszubska Street.”

You can pay a visit to Gacek at his delightful wooden residence on Kaszubska Street in Szczecin, Poland, and keep up with his charming adventures by following this feline celebrity on Instagram.

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