Deer Remembers the Star Years After, Who Rescue Him

Many years ago, a little orphaned fawn found an unexpected friend in country singer Travis Tritt. On a rainy morning, the young deer sought shelter on Tritt’s porch, and there began a unique bond. Tritt’s 45-acre property was a haven for wildlife, but this baby fawn received special care. Tritt’s wife, Theresa, lovingly named the deer Oakley and took on the role of a surrogate mother, bottle-feeding and nurturing him. When the time came, Oakley ventured back into the wild, and the two friends went their separate ways.

For years, Travis Tritt didn’t cross paths with Oakley. However, in a heartwarming moment in October 2022, their paths converged once again. While wandering his property one evening, Tritt had a surprise visitor. Oakley, now grown, approached him with an unmistakable familiarity. As Tritt described it in an Instagram post,

“[He] came right up to me as if he had…never forgotten who I was and knew I wasn’t a threat to him.”

The video captured by Tritt during this sweet reunion shows the singer gently petting Oakley and sharing affectionate words. The former orphaned fawn reciprocated the love by allowing Tritt to caress him and even licking Tritt’s arm. It’s a touching display of the enduring connection between man and nature, reminding us that love transcends time and species. As Tritt aptly puts it, “Nature is amazing!”

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