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Final Words of 22-Year-Old Vape Addict Before Being Placed in Coma with 1% Chance of Survival Revealed

A 22-year-old man’s final words before being put into an induced coma have been revealed after his vaping addiction left him with just a 1% chance of survival.

Jackson Allard’s Struggle

Jackson Allard, from North Dakota, was admitted to the University of Minnesota Medical Center in October last year after he began experiencing severe stomach pains and low oxygen levels. His condition rapidly deteriorated when tests revealed he was suffering from influenza 4 and pneumonia, severely affecting his lungs and his ability to breathe.

The Decision to Intubate

Doctors determined that intubation was necessary to give Jackson’s body the best chance to heal. It was also decided that he would need a double lung transplant to survive. His friends and family described how his life changed “overnight” due to his heavy vaping habit.

Family’s Pleas and Jackson’s Last Words

Jackson’s grandmother, Doreen Hurlburt, shared with Valley News Live that the family had repeatedly urged him to quit vaping before he became ill. “We kept telling him, ‘You have to stop vaping,’ over and over again. He vaped all the time, but he said, ‘It’s better than cigarettes.'”

Doctors warned the family about the severity of Jackson’s condition. “At one point, a doctor said he had a one percent chance of living,” Doreen recounted. “We said, ‘He’s fighting. He’s fought for how many weeks. We’re going to give him a chance to fight. We’re not going to stop any procedures or anything.’”

Before being placed into the induced coma, Jackson’s heartbreaking final words to his family were, “I am scared, I don’t want to be alone.”

The Fight for Survival

Jackson was placed in a coma to be intubated, with his family by his side continuously. A GoFundMe page was set up to help with his medical costs and support his recovery. “He has not been alone,” the page reads. “By his side is his mother Jaime, grandmother Doreen, and/or his father Ryan. Someone is always there and will be until he is ready to come home. We are holding on strong to hope he will make it home.”

The Road to Recovery

Jackson underwent a double lung transplant, a critical procedure necessary for his survival. During his time in the hospital, his heart even stopped beating at one stage. He will need to stay in Minneapolis for at least six more months for regular check-ups. It is believed that he will never be able to drink alcohol or smoke again, and he might need another lung transplant in the future.

Raising Awareness

Despite his struggles, Jackson is determined to use his experience to warn others about the dangers of vaping. Doreen revealed, “He wants to make sure other people don’t do what he did. He wants to encourage others to avoid vaping so they won’t have to go through what he went through.”

The Uncertain Future of Vaping

Dr. Stephanie Hanson at Sanford spoke to the outlet, highlighting the unknown long-term effects of vaping. “That’s honestly one of the scariest things about it,” she admitted. While vaping is often considered less harmful than smoking tobacco, its popularity has surged in recent years, and the long-term health consequences are still uncertain.


Jackson Allard’s story is a sobering reminder of the potential dangers of vaping. As he continues his recovery, his determination to raise awareness about the risks associated with vaping serves as a powerful message to others. Our thoughts are with Jackson and his family as they navigate this challenging journey.