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Intelligent Dog Helps Owner Locate Lost Cat in 100-foot Deep Mine Shaft

Discover the incredible tale of Daisy, a really clever dog, who guided her owner to rescue Mowgli, a cat trapped in a deep mine in Cornwall, England. This inspiring story of a heroic dog and a cat’s remarkable survival is sure to warm your heart and astonish you.

Daisy, known for her strong instincts and bravery, gained fame in Cornwall, England. This remarkable incident unfolded when Daisy, using her keen senses, led her owner, Michele Rose, to a very deep, 100-foot mine shaft. In that daunting place, they discovered Michele’s cat, Mowgli, who had been missing for an entire week.

The Unusual Behavior of Daisy

The saga began with Daisy exhibiting unusual behavior. She persistently darted in and out of the woods near their home, a clear sign that something was amiss. Michele, noticing this peculiar behavior, decided to trust her canine companion’s instincts. Following Daisy, she was led to an old mineshaft, a dreaded spot where the adventurous Mowgli had accidentally fallen.

The Discovery and Rescue Mission

The mine shaft, plunging 100 feet into the earth, presented a daunting challenge. Michele, realizing the gravity of the situation, immediately contacted the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) and the Cornwall Fire and Rescue service. The response was swift and efficient. The next morning, a specialized rope rescue team was dispatched to the scene. In a challenging and delicate operation, the team successfully reached Mowgli, who had been trapped in the darkness and depth for nearly a week.

Mowgli’s Safe Return

Miraculously, Mowgli was found to be uninjured, a testament to his resilience and the effectiveness of the rescue operation. The reunion of Michele and Mowgli, facilitated by the incredible actions of Daisy, was an emotional moment, highlighting the deep bond shared between pets and their owners.


This wonderful tale teaches us about the deep love and understanding between pets and their owners. It also highlights the vital role of rescue organizations like the RSPCA and Cornwall Fire and Rescue. Thanks to Daisy’s clever actions and the quick response of the community, what could have been a sad event turned into an uplifting story of survival and courage.

The story of Daisy and Mowgli reminds us of the unique connection we share with our pets. It encourages us to pay attention to our pets’ behavior, as they may be trying to communicate something crucial. Let’s appreciate the brave pets in our lives and the dedicated rescue teams who step in during difficult times.