Max Mayor III

Small Californian Town Elects Dog as Its Mayor for Third Time in a Row

In a quaint Southern California town, human mayors have become a thing of the past for over a decade. Instead, this unincorporated community proudly celebrates three generations of canine politicians. The current officeholder, Mayor Max III, is a charming golden retriever who brings joy to his constituents through community engagement, adorableness, and unwavering dedication.

The legacy of these four-legged mayors commenced in 2012 with Max I, a wise 12-year-old golden retriever. The Idyllwild Animal Rescue Friends (ARF) pioneered this unique form of mayoral elections, and Max I emerged victorious, triumphing over 14 other dogs and a few feline contenders. Sadly, Max I’s tenure was short-lived as he crossed the rainbow bridge just nine months into office. This heartbreaking loss prompted ARF to implement a mayoral succession plan, ushering in Max II. Serving alongside Deputy Mayors Mikey and Mitzi, also golden retrievers, they collectively became known as “the Mayors of Idyllwild.”

After dutifully tending to the mountain town for nine years, Max II’s health declined, leading to his passing in July 2022. During the transition period, the Deputy Mayors took on the role of co-mayors, and then in December 2022, the young and spirited Max III was sworn into office. Guided by his Chief of Staff and devoted owner, Phyllis Mueller, Max III brings a refreshing approach to politics. As Mueller puts it, “It’s a fun way to do politics because we don’t do anything divisive, ever. We try to emanate loving energy towards everyone because positive energy leads towards life, whereas negative energy leads towards the opposite.”

Mayor Max III excels at fostering a sense of community by being a shining beacon of positivity. Tourists and residents alike flock to Idyllwild for a chance to capture a photo with him. Following in the pawprints of his predecessors, Max III frequently visits the town center, schools, and hospitals, spreading happiness wherever his paws may lead.

For more heartwarming pictures and videos of Mayor Max, be sure to follow him on Instagram to stay updated on his delightful adventures.

For over 10 years, the Californian town of Idyllwild has had unusual mayoral candidates.

In this little, unincorporated town, three generations of dog mayors have been elected. They were named Max I, Max II, and the current one, Max III.

The current mayor, Max III, is only one year old and is filled with energy.

He is assisted by his Chief of Staff and owner Phyllis Mueller to help spread positivity in the small community.

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