Three-year-old British Boy Becomes The Youngest To Summit 10,000ft Italian Mountain

Three-year-old British Boy Becomes The Youngest To Summit 10,000ft Italian Mountain

Going on a long excursion is something that requires a lot of preparation. Most people spend weeks exercising to stay fit and have all the tools they need for adventure.

To everyone’s surprise, Jackson and Freya Houlding have become the youngest ever to reach the top of Piz Badile Mountain.

They are two little ones who go on these wonderful adventures with the help of their father, Leo, who is also a professional climber. The Houlding family loves spending time outdoors and they have blown everyone away with the talent that little Freya demonstrated by climbing one of the mountains that is part of the Alps.

Freya is the youngest person to climb the mountain without help.
Jackson is the youngest person to do so with assistance.

This time, it was a very special occasion because they wanted to reach the top to celebrate Leo’s 40th birthday.

“My daughter managed to do the entire journey alone. It was very impressive. She just turned 7 last week, ”said Leo.

His wife, Jessica, has shown that she is also prepared to climb any mountain. She made the whole journey with her son Jackson who weighs 15 kilos.

“I am aware that it is a challenge but I have never felt that it is out of our possibilities,” said Leo.

Leo, for his part, was in charge of carrying the tent, the food, and all the tools they needed for their great adventure. The family set out on July 25. They spent one night in a cabin and two more in their tent.

“It was great. Every year we set ourselves a slightly greater challenge. It’s been fantastic, ”Jessica said.

Many say that it may be too risky an experience for a couple of children, but Leo has many years of experience and is the best climber in the UK. Before setting out on the road with his family, he makes sure to go alone first to get to know the area and all the possible risks very well.

“For me, it is a very simple path, but I wanted to do it with my children. In an emergency I can always continue to lift one of them at a time, ”said Leo.

There is no doubt that this is a very demanding activity that no child should be exposed to. However, Leo is a professional and makes sure that his children have the necessary safety supplies at all times.

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