This French Bulldog Is So Good at Skateboarding He’s Being Called “Tony Dawg”

This French Bulldog Is So Good at Skateboarding He’s Being Called “Tony Dawg”

The Skateboarding Sensation

Once in a while, a story comes along that’s bound to bring a smile to your face. This is the tale of Cabbage, the remarkable white French Bulldog who’s redefining the art of skateboarding. But this isn’t just about a dog on a board; it’s a story of determination, style, and the pure joy of spreading happiness.

A Pup Named Cabbage: Tony Dawg

Cabbage, also affectionately known as Bai Cai, is more than just a pet—he’s a skateboarding sensation. With a finesse that rivals even the most seasoned skateboarders, this pup knows how to push off, maintain balance, carve turns, and gracefully glide downstairs. In the world of canine skateboarding, some are starting to call him “Tony Dawg.”

@baic99999 Do you think I can only play skateboard 📷📷 home skills are countless 📷你以为白菜只会玩滑板吗📷📷居家技能也是会的不计其数📷#bulldog #french #frenchbulldog #china #chinese ♬ original sound – baicaiwanhuaban

Beyond the Skateboard: Cabbage’s Persona

At home, Cabbage is a gentle soul, perpetually in high spirits, and surprisingly reserved in the barking department. However, it’s when he takes to the skateboard that he transforms into a marvel, capturing the hearts of the internet. His skateboarding journey began with a few videos of him effortlessly navigating obstacles, and the world couldn’t get enough.

Skateboarding in Style

Cabbage’s skateboarding style isn’t just about his skills; it’s a fashion statement. He sports patterned shirts, jerseys, sunglasses, and even chains as he cruises through town.


My name is Chinese cabbage!Today is my first performance,Everybody has the money to hold the money field, has the hand to point a thumbs-up, thank you

♬ original sound – baicaiwanhuaban

Training Cabbage: The Journey Begins

But how did this French Bulldog become a skateboarding sensation? It’s a story that starts with his devoted owner, Zhao Chen, who happens to be a skateboarder himself. In 2020, Zhao decided to introduce Cabbage to the world of skateboarding, using snacks as an initial incentive to keep him on the board.

From Snacks to Skills: Cabbage’s Progress

The training began with simple maneuvers, teaching Cabbage how to skate with one paw. It was clear that Cabbage had a natural talent and an enthusiasm for this new adventure. After just 20 days of practice, Cabbage was confidently skating on his own, showcasing his remarkable balance and finesse. To make the most of his size and ensure a smooth ride, Cabbage takes his place at the front of the skateboard.

A Daily Routine: Skating for Joy

Cabbage’s daily routine includes morning visits to the park, where he spends 15 minutes skating alongside his human companion. While he undoubtedly has the potential to master more complex tricks, Zhao’s priority is Cabbage’s well-being and happiness. He doesn’t want to push the adorable skater beyond his comfort zone.

Beyond Skateboarding

For Zhao and Cabbage, it’s about more than just skateboarding—it’s about spreading joy. In a world filled with stress and challenges, they aim to bring smiles to the faces of those who witness their delightful adventures. Cabbage and Zhao remind us that sometimes, the simplest things can make life a little brighter.

A Reminder of the Extraordinary in Everyday

So, the next time you see a skateboarding French Bulldog named Cabbage, remember that it’s not just a dog on wheels; it’s a story of shared happiness and the pursuit of the extraordinary in the everyday.