Robert De Niro Joyfully Celebrates His Daughter Gia’s First Birthday at Age 80

Robert De Niro has plenty of reason to celebrate, as his youngest child has just turned one year old! The veteran actor, now 80, welcomed his daughter Gia with his girlfriend Tiffany Chen last year, and the 12 months have already flown by. De Niro revealed that he and his family celebrated Gia’s first birthday by throwing her a “sweet” party.

A Sweet Celebration

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, the Taxi Driver star opened up about how he and his family marked the special occasion. “She had a little cake, it was very nice, sweet,” De Niro shared, beaming with pride.

He continued to gush about the joy his baby girl has brought to him and his family, saying, “Well, she’s pure joy, there’s nothing about her, there’s no judgment, there’s no anything, she just is what she is and it’s just pure joy for god sakes.”

A Big Family

Including Gia, De Niro is a father to seven children. His eldest, adoptive daughter Drena, is 51, followed by his oldest son Raphael, 47, with his ex-wife Diahnne Abbott. He also has twin sons Julian and Aaron, 28, who were welcomed by surrogate with model Toukie Smith. Additionally, De Niro shares son Elliot, 25, and daughter Helen, 12, with his ex-wife Grace Hightower.

De Niro is also a grandfather, with four grandchildren. Tragically, his grandson Leandro De Niro Rodriguez passed away last year at the age of 19, with his death ruled as combined drug intoxication involving fentanyl and cocaine.

Embracing New Fatherhood

Despite being older when he welcomed his youngest child, De Niro is loving new fatherhood just the same. He told The Guardian about his take on parenting, noting, “It’s always good and mysterious and you don’t know what the hell is going to happen.”

De Niro emphasized that while he is a hands-on dad, Chen tends to do the “heavy lifting” when it comes to looking after their baby girl. “I’m there, I support my girlfriend. But she does the work. And we have help, which is so important,” he explained.

Multigenerational Parenting

The star also embraced having children of so many different generations. “With a baby it’s different to with my 11-year-old. My adult children. My grandchildren. It’s all different,” he shared, highlighting the unique challenges and joys of parenting at different stages of life.

Health and Family Insurance Importance

As Robert De Niro continues to enjoy fatherhood at 80, the importance of health insurance and family insurance cannot be overstated. Ensuring that his large family, including young Gia and his older children, are covered with comprehensive health insurance is crucial. Family insurance plans provide peace of mind and security, knowing that medical needs can be addressed promptly and efficiently.

It sounds like Gia had a lovely first birthday, surrounded by family and love. Robert De Niro’s joy in celebrating his daughter’s milestone is evident, and his reflections on fatherhood at different stages of life are inspiring. As he continues to support his family, the importance of health and family insurance remains a priority, ensuring the well-being of his loved ones for years to come.

By prioritizing comprehensive family insurance and health insurance, De Niro sets an example of responsible and loving parenthood, providing his children and grandchildren with the security they need to thrive.