12 Long Flight Travel Essentials To Always Have In Your Carry On

Getting ready for a long plane trip needs some thinking ahead to make sure you have everything you need. Your carry-on bag is like your travel buddy during the flight, holding important stuff that can really make a difference when you arrive at your destination. Let’s take a closer look at each essential item you should have in your carry-on for a smooth and enjoyable adventure.

12 Long Flight Travel Essentials To Always Have In Your Carry On

1. Neck Pillow and Blanket:

When it comes to long flights, having a comfy neck pillow is a game-changer. Look for one that supports your neck and head well, like those with memory foam or ones you can blow up. Also, bring a soft blanket to keep warm in the cool airplane air.

Precaution: Make sure the neck pillow isn’t too big, and choose a blanket made of breathable fabric to avoid getting too hot.

2. Noise-Canceling Headphones:

Good-quality noise-canceling headphones create a calm space in the midst of all the noise on the plane. Go for wireless ones for convenience, and make sure they’re comfy for long periods.

Precaution: Test your headphones before the flight to make sure they block out noise well. Bring an extra pair of regular headphones in case of any issues.

3. Eye Mask:

For a good night’s sleep during the flight, you can’t go wrong with an eye mask. Choose one that fits well, doesn’t press on your eyes, and is made of breathable material.

Precaution: Empty your water bottle before security and fill it up afterward to avoid spills. Follow airline rules for liquids in your skincare kit, and use facial mist in moderation to avoid over-hydrating in the dry air.

4. Hydration Essentials:

Combat the dry plane air by bringing a reusable water bottle. Choose one with a filter for refilling at the airport. Also, pack a moisturizer, lip balm, and facial mist to keep your skin happy.

Precaution: Empty your water bottle before security and refill it afterward to prevent spills. Check airline rules for liquids in your skincare kit and use facial mist wisely.

5. Entertainment Kit:

Put together an entertainment kit to beat boredom. Load up your tablet with e-books, movies, and TV shows. Bring noise-canceling headphones for great sound, and don’t forget a portable charger to keep your devices alive.

Precaution: Download entertainment before the flight since Wi-Fi can be iffy. Bring an extra set of charging cables, and be mindful of noise levels for your fellow passengers.

6. Healthy Snacks:

Instead of relying only on airplane food, pack healthy snacks to keep your energy up. Nuts, granola bars, and fresh fruits are easy and good for you.

Precaution: Check if there are any rules about bringing fruits or nuts to your destination. Pack snacks in sealable containers, and be aware of allergies around you.

7. Essential Medications:

Take care of your health by carrying necessary medications. Pack a small first aid kit with pain relievers, motion sickness tablets, and any prescriptions. Know the airline rules for meds and let the cabin crew know if you need help.

Precaution: Bring a copy of your prescription and a note from your doctor, follow airline rules for medications, and keep them in their original packaging.

8. Chargers and Power Banks:

Charge up your devices before the flight and bring chargers and a power bank to keep them going. A power bank with multiple USB ports is handy.

Precaution: Bring a power bank with enough power for your devices, check airline rules, label your chargers, and pack them separately for easy access.

9. Laptop:

A laptop is super important these days. I always bring my Macbook with me, especially on long flights. It’s perfect for catching up on emails and watching Netflix. Just make sure it’s fully charged before your flight or layover.

Precaution: Carrying a laptop is crucial these days. I bring my Macbook for long flights, perfect for catching up on emails and watching Netflix. Ensure it’s fully charged before your flight or layover to avoid running out of battery mid-air.

10. Chapstick:

Chapstick is a must-have in your bag, especially when you travel. The air in the plane can be really dry, so having your chapstick handy is essential. Don’t forget to reapply it often to keep your lips moisturized.

Precaution: Check airline regulations to make sure your chapstick is allowed on board.

11. Toiletries:

Having a small bag of toiletries is a game-changer for you and your neighbor. Pack essentials like deodorant, wipes, a travel toothbrush kit, and dry shampoo. The longer the flight, the more I feel like my bag is turning into my bathroom cabinet.

Precaution: Also, check airline regulations for carrying liquids.

12. Magazines and/or Books:

Keep yourself entertained during the flight by packing magazines or books. I bring my Kindle and load it up with lots of books. Don’t rely too much on the plane’s entertainment. After playing their free Tetris for just half an hour, I’m ready to do something else. I always have a couple of good magazines and books to keep me occupied for hours.

Precaution: Don’t rely solely on the plane’s entertainment, and be mindful of your noise level. Some passengers may prefer a quiet environment.


Packing these long flight travel essentials in your carry-on can make your journey much more enjoyable. From staying comfy with a neck pillow and blanket to keeping entertained with noise-canceling headphones and a well-stocked entertainment kit, being prepared makes the flight as fun as the destination. So, the next time you take a long flight, pack smartly to ensure comfort, convenience, and a happy travel experience. Safe travels!