Doctor Reveals Major Health Concern for Men Who Watch Excessive P*rn

A doctor has issued a warning to men who watch excessive p*rnography, highlighting a significant health concern they “will eventually” suffer if they don’t curb their habits.

High Consumption Rates Among Men

People worldwide consume adult content, often privately, making it a taboo subject. However, statistics show that the consumption of adult content among men is notably high and continues to dominate internet traffic. According to Psychology Today, men make up approximately 80% of the global audience for P*rnhub, while women account for about 26%​​. This significant gender disparity highlights that men are more likely to view adult content compared to women.

In terms of frequency, a 2019 study found that 69% of American men reported having viewed p*rnography within the past year​​, per Ballard Brief. The highest engagement comes from younger demographics, particularly those aged 18 to 34, with over half of this age group frequently seeking out adult content​​.

The Health Implications of Adult Content

Dr. Alan Mandell, known as the “Motivational Doctor” online, has raised concerns about the potential link between excessive p*rn consumption and erectile dysfunction (ED). In a video shared on social media, Dr. Mandell warned that watching p*rn and “m*sturbating all the time” will “eventually lead to erectile dysfunction.”

“Too much sexual stimulation is not good. You’re overloading the reward system in your brain that’s causing dopamine, those happy chemicals that are being secreted from the brain. And eventually, you will get desensitized to sexual stimulation,” he explained. Dr. Mandell further cautioned that reducing p*rn consumption and m*sturbation could lead to significant improvements in sexual health.

Supporting Evidence from Medical Professionals

Dr. Mandell’s concerns are supported by other medical professionals. HealthMatch, a healthcare resource website, reports that erectile dysfunction can indeed be “p*rn-induced” (PIED), and “several studies” have found “a link between compulsive adult content use and reduced sex drive and/or ED.” Although the exact causal relationship is still debated, HealthMatch notes that PIED is considered a “psychological rather than physical” factor, with “excessive viewing of p*rnography contributing to erection difficulties by impacting the brain.”

Some experts suggest that excessive adult content viewing can lead to desensitization to real-life sexual encounters, as viewers may become accustomed to the heightened stimulation of p*rn. HealthMatch explains: “Because of the conditioning and desensitization, partnered sex may no longer trigger the sufficient release of dopamine needed for producing and sustaining erections. This is also because p*rnography is believed to alter the brain’s motivational system.”

Rising Rates of Erectile Dysfunction

The condition remains a topic of debate among experts, but the increasing rates of erectile dysfunction in young people make the possible role that p*rnography plays worth considering. According to HealthMatch, around 30 million men in the US are currently affected by ED, and the “increasing rates of sexual dysfunction in men under the age of 40” have led some to believe that internet p*rnography could be a contributing factor.

Very Well Health reports that around 40 percent of ED cases are considered psychogenic, meaning “the inability to achieve or maintain an erection during sex due to psychological factors.” If individuals are experiencing difficulties with getting or sustaining an erection, it may be advisable to evaluate their p*rnography consumption and consult with a mental health professional or doctor to identify potential underlying causes.

Treatment and Prevention

Treatment options for PIED may include talking therapy, mindfulness techniques, and exercise to support reducing adult content intake. Additionally, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise and a balanced diet, can contribute to overall sexual health and reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction.

Men are also encouraged to seek regular medical check-ups and consider health insurance options that cover mental health and sexual health services. Comprehensive health insurance can provide access to necessary treatments and consultations with specialists, ensuring that individuals receive the support they need to address any health concerns.

The consumption of adult content is a widespread practice, especially among men. However, it is essential to be aware of the potential health risks associated with excessive p*rnography viewing. Dr. Alan Mandell’s warning about the link between excessive p*rn consumption and erectile dysfunction underscores the importance of moderation and seeking professional help if needed.

By understanding the potential health implications and taking proactive steps to manage adult content consumption, men can maintain better sexual health and overall well-being. If you are experiencing symptoms of erectile dysfunction or other health concerns related to p*rnography use, consider consulting with a healthcare provider to explore treatment options and support.

Remember, maintaining good health involves both physical and mental well-being. Comprehensive health insurance can be a valuable resource in accessing the necessary care and ensuring a healthier future.