Stunning Images of the Aurora Australis: Nature’s Southern Light Show

While the Northern Lights, known as the Aurora Borealis, are widely celebrated, there exists a lesser-known but equally captivating natural spectacle in the Southern Hemisphere—the Aurora Australis, or the Southern Lights. Photographer Dan Zafra from Capture the Atlas embarked on a journey to southern New Zealand to witness and photograph this breathtaking phenomenon. In this article, we explore Zafra’s remarkable journey to capture the vibrant display of the Southern Lights.

A Unique Natural Light Show

For many, the Northern Lights are the primary association when it comes to auroras. However, the Southern Hemisphere has its own mesmerizing version—the Aurora Australis. Zafra’s travels led him to southern New Zealand, where he had the opportunity to witness and document this awe-inspiring display of colors in the night sky.

Photographing the Southern Lights presents unique challenges that set it apart from capturing the Northern Lights. Zafra elaborates on the obstacles he faced in his quest to photograph this extraordinary natural occurrence.

Challenges and Determination

Zafra recounts the challenges of photographing the Aurora Australis, emphasizing that this dazzling display is primarily visible in Southern New Zealand and Australia, with Antarctica as another potential location. However, Antarctica’s extreme conditions restrict access to scientists, making it an impractical destination for most.

The second challenge Zafra mentions is the dependence on solar activity. To witness the Southern Lights in their full glory, a strong solar show is essential. The unpredictable nature of solar activity adds an element of uncertainty to the endeavor.

Location plays a crucial role in the Southern Lights experience. Unlike the Northern Lights, which can gracefully dance across the entire northern sky during intense displays, the Aurora Australis is limited to the southern horizon. Any obstruction, such as mountains, can hinder the view of this breathtaking phenomenon.

Weather, as with most astronomical phenomena, is another significant factor. Zafra’s experience in Dunedin, located on New Zealand’s South Island, was marked by several days of unfavorable conditions, including weak solar activity and heavy cloud cover.

The Gamble Pays Off

Despite these challenges, Zafra’s determination led him to drive to the Eastern Coast, where the weather was more favorable. His gamble paid off as he was rewarded with three consecutive days of spectacular Aurora Australis displays. However, time was of the essence, as the light show occurred between astronomical twilight and sunrise, offering only a brief window to capture the ethereal beauty.

Zafra reflects on his experience, acknowledging that while it may not be his best Aurora image, it remains one of the most special and unique moments he has ever captured.


The enchanting photographs of the Aurora Australis captured by Dan Zafra serve as a testament to the mesmerizing beauty of the Southern Lights. This natural light show, although less renowned than its northern counterpart, is no less spectacular. Zafra’s journey to southern New Zealand and his determination to overcome the challenges of capturing the Aurora Australis showcase the extraordinary efforts that photographers undertake to share the wonders of the natural world with the rest of us.

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