The Brave Cat Overcomes Brain Surgery for a Bright Future

The Brave Cat Overcomes Brain Surgery for a Bright Future

Meet Milly, a remarkable kitty who has triumphed over adversity on her path to happiness.

Milly faced unique health challenges from the moment she entered the world, including hydrocephalus (a large head), radial aplasia (a misshapen front leg), and a slight overbite. Her special needs earned her the endearing nickname ‘Helmet Queen’ due to her requirement for a protective helmet and a cushioned sanctuary.

Caroline, her devoted foster mom, adores her, describing Milly as a cat brimming with affection and joy. Milly’s irresistible charm has the power to brighten the lives of all who meet her.

“I wish everyone could meet Milly! She’s so special and radiates love and joy. She loves everyone and wears her heart on her sleeve,”
Caroline enthusiastically shares.

Milly’s journey began when she was given away at just two months old, but her initial family quickly realized she required extra care. Thus, she found her way to Baby Kitten Rescue, where she had the good fortune to meet her proud foster mom.

Placed in a home with experienced caregivers, familiar with caring for cats with unique challenges, Milly followed in the footsteps of Otter, who had faced similar hurdles and successfully undergone surgery after wearing a helmet. Much like Otter was the ‘Helmet King,’ Milly became the ‘Helmet Queen.’

However, Milly’s case was complicated because her fontanelle, the soft spot on her skull, had closed, leading to excessive fluid pressure in her brain. Her condition necessitated a high-risk, specialized surgery that came at a significant cost.

The Baby Kitten Rescue team was unwavering in their commitment to offer Milly a shot at a happy, healthy life, emphasizing her value and deserving of a chance at full, vibrant living.

“This is by far the most expensive surgery we’ve ever provided. But Milly is worth it. Her life matters. And she has the chance to live a full, healthy, and happy life if she gets this surgery! So we are going to give her that chance.”

And the outcome was a resounding success! Milly’s daring brain surgery, expertly executed, marked a significant triumph. The team rejoiced for kitties like Milly, who now have a fighting chance against hydrocephalus.

“I’m SO grateful Milly had the opportunity to receive this surgery!!! Up until very recently, hydrocephalus was a death sentence for cats and dogs. But thanks to progressive veterinarians like Dr. O’Neill at Metropolitan Animal Specialty Hospital, kitties like Milly now have the chance at living a full, healthy, and happy life with shunt surgery!”

Milly embarked on a lengthy, gradual recovery journey, impressing everyone with her tenacity and progress. Her post-surgery medications, which had helped manage her hydrocephalus, were gradually reduced.

Post-life-changing surgery, Milly not only gained a second chance but also discovered her forever home with an incredible, loving couple. She now reigns as the queen of her castle, basking in the love and attention she richly deserves.

“Milly was adopted by the most amazing couple. She will be the queen of her home as she wants and deserves. Her mommy & daddy work from home most of the time, so she will get all the snuggles and attention she could ever want.”

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